Better Boss Workshops


  • Six, Two Hour Interactive Leadership Workshops
  •     A Copy Of  The Entrepreneurs Apprentice 
  • Two Hours Of Personal Coaching 
  • Corporate Discounts For Multiple Participants


Learner Objectives For Sessions One And Two

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Learner Objecitves

  • Discuss leadership characteristics common to highly influential people, how they are viewed by others and how they are able to achieve extraordinary results.
  • Explore the pros and cons of micro-management and the kind of leadership that promotes independent thinking.
  • Discuss the challenges that most managers face in their effort to make a successful transition.
  • Explore the reasons so many bosses find themselves trapped in the endless cycle of busy-work and the steps you must take if you want to avoid the same fate.

Session 1

Core Values And Guiding Principles

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In our opening workshop, we will explore critical core values, and guiding principles common to highly effective leaders. We will discuss why influencing outcomes rather than providing constant direction, significantly changes the working relationship between a boss and his or her employees. In the intensely competitive world of free enterprise, the goal of every leader should be to optimise the talent pool that surrounds them. Each workshop in the Better Boss series builds upon the previous one, and everyone in the room is encouraged to participate fully. 

Session 2

The Importance Of Insight And The Power Of Influence
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Embracing Pareto's Law

This workshop focuses on having a very clear idea of the things that matter and the things that have the potential to rob you and your people of the valuable time you will need to strengthen your brand identity.  We will look at the myriad of activities that fall under the busy-work umbrella and how to avoid them. 


Learner Objectives For Sessions Three And Four

Learner Objectives

  • Discuss The Quadrant Leadership Model and how it is used to substantially raise employee contribution and accountability. 
  • Discuss the first steps to preparing for a transition into Quadrant Leadership
  • Review all four quadrants in detail and discuss the role an influential leader plays in each quadrant.

Session 3

Introduction To Quadrant Leadership

Our Greatest Resource

This workshop explores the Quadrant Leadership Model, a results driven employee development and brand building tool for leaders from every walk of life in virtually any business environment. In the Entrepreneurs Apprentice I introduce you to several concepts, prinicples and strategies, unique to Quadrant Leadership, that when applied effectively, create extrordianry brand identity for your business.  This workshop focuses on the first two quadrants and how we can use enriched employee development to change the playing field that all of our competitors must play by if they hope to hold on to their market share.  

Session 4

The Brand Builders

Leadership And Synergy

This week we continue our exploration of the Quadrant Leadership Model with emphasis on the third and fourth quadrants. We will talk about the philosophy that Quadrant Leadership is built upon, why it works so well and why your employees perceive you as a far better boss and a much more effective leader. A good portion of the workshop is dedicated to the 'art of coaching' and how effective coaching strategies can be used to optimize employee potential. 

Learner Objectives For Sessions Five And Six

Learner Objecitves

  • Demonstrate how effective coaching changes the quality of training and dramatically improves the outcome.
  • Discuss the importance of positive reinforcement and demonstrate how to praise without conditions while still addressing areas of opportunity.
  • Discuss how to transition from meetings to power briefings
  • Open up a group discussion of the challenges that lay ahead. Create a transitional action plan with realistic goals and timeframes. 

Session 5

Powerful Tools For Leaders


Reinforcing Leadership Versus Management

This workshop explores some of the most effective tools that are used in Quadrant Leadership on a daily basis it build strong brand identity through extraordiany team synergy. We will also look at Power Briefings and why they are so much more effective than traditional meetings. 

Session 6

Next Steps


The Path We Choose

The last five weeks have been all about understanding how the relationships we forge in business have a direct impact on the kinds of results we will achieve. While it is easy to see how something can benefits us, the question will always be, are we ready to make the changes necessary to succeed. In the end it is up each and everyone of us to decide what kind of leader we want to be. The one thing I know for sure is the way people view is directly related to the way we conduct ourselves.  While our family and our friend might be prepared to forgive us for our short comings, in business we have a job to do but we can not do it alone. The results we achieve and perhaps more importantly, the way we feel about the way they were achieved has everything to do with the choices we make as a leader.