Leadership Is A Way Of Thinkng, A Way Of Acting And, Most Importantly, A Way Of Communicating


Brand Reboot Camp

"Every Boss No Matter Their Vocation Is In The Business Of People "

- Don Darvill

Morning Session

The Importance Of Insight And

The Power Of Influence


Leading Versus Managing

In our opening workshop, we will explore critical core values, and guiding principles common to highly effective leaders. We will discuss why influencing outcomes rather than providing constant direction, significantly changes the working relationship between a boss and his or her employees. In the intensely competitive world of free enterprise, the goal of every leader should be to optimise the talent pool that surrounds them. Each workshop in the Better Boss series builds upon the previous one, and everyone in the room is encouraged to participate fully. 


Afternoon Session

The Business Of People 

The Internal And The External Customer

This workshop is broken into three parts. In the first we explore the core values and guiding principles of a highly successful brand. In the second we repeat the same exercise only this time as it applies to creating the kind of internal culture that capitalized on synergy, low employee turnover and high morale. We end with a discussion of the kind of leadership necessary to achieve both objectives.

"The Only Thing Scarier Than A Micro-Manager, Is A Micro-Manager Who Can Talk And Text At The Same Time "

- Don Darvill

Morning Session

The Quadrant Leadership Model


Introducing Quadrant Leadership

This workshop introduces The Quadrant Leadership Development Model.  The principle that drives the model is based on the simple premise that the more that people know, the more they can contribute. To illustrate its effectiveness, I will share with you some of the extraordinary results I was able to achieve in my own business using the concepts, principles and strategies behind  Quadrant Leadership on a daily basis. When you can tap into the potential of a highly trained, well-developed team of employees, the synergy that is unleashed is far superior to any of your competitors. It is that synergy that makes consumers stand up and pay attention to.

Afternoon Session

Power Briefings Versus Meetings


Busy Work

In the Entrepreneurs Apprentice,  we look at the reverse side of Pareto's Law that suggest that 80 percent of the things that have the potential to take up our time will add very little to improving our business. One of the things at the top of the list is meetings. In my opinion, the majority of them are a complete waste of time. In this workshop, we will explore an outstanding alternative to meetings  called Power Briefings. It uses concise dialogue focused on what really matters.

"Managers Do Things Right. Leaders Do The Right Things "

- Peter Drucker

Morning Session

The Art Of Coaching


The Time For Show And Tell Is Over

Coaching when done correctly is one of the effective tools that every leader has at their disposal. Your job as a leader is not to be the final decision maker. Instead, your mission is to develop and then surround yourself with highly skilled mployees, capable of making the kinds of decisions that protect the brand and grow market share. In this workshop, we will look at five very effective coaching strategies that when used correctly can substantially raise both employee performance and personal accountability. .

Afternnoon Session

Praising Without Conditions 


Catching People Doing Things Approximately Right

In the 1980's Ken Blanchard wrote a book called the One Minute Manager. It focused on how positive reinforcement can improve employee performance quicker than waiting until the job is done to a high standard before offering any praise.  Far too often we use conditional praising, the act of making a positive comment and pairing it with an observation of something that must be improved. There is a way to praise without conditions and still address areas of opportunity. That technique is the focus of this workshop.  

"A Boss Who Must Hold On To Control And A Well Run Business That Is Fully Under Control, Are Rarely In The Same Location"

- Don Darvill

Morning Session

Detailed Thinkers Versus Concept Thinkers


How People Think And How They Learn

This workshop explores a concept that most companies never consider when training new employees. While not an absolute science, when it comes to learning most people are predisposed to either a linear or detailed way of absorbing information while others take a big picture approach and work backwards. Taking the common traits of both types of thinkers into consideration we can determine which approach is likely to work best for which type of thinker.     

Afternoon Session

Self Initiative Attributes


Self Initiative Attributes

One of the reasons that Quadrant Leadership is able to improve employee performance is because it addressed the intangible aspects of personal development as well as the tangible things that are easy to see and process. In the second Quadrant, we look at how philosophical discussion can lead to a far better understanding of what will be expected of the employee from a self-initiative aspect. We begin with the basics self-initiative attributes that surround a person's job description and then move on to the advanced attributes that targeted team initiatives.  

"Those Who Cannot Change Their Minds, Cannot Change Anything"

- George Bernard Shaw

Morning Session

Six And Twelve Month Action Plans 


Strategies And Hard Deadlines

Creating the kind of action plan that can bring Quadrant Leadership alive for your company requires and an extraordinary level of commitment from every person in a position of authority. Everyone on the team should play a significant role in creating the document that will be your roadmap for the next six and then twelve months. The definition of synergy is the combined efforts of a group will always outweigh the sum of their individual efforts. The first test of leading from a different perspective is to come together as a harmonic team.  

Closing Session

Expectations For The First Thirty Days


Keep Quadrant Leadership Alive

When I set out to implement Quadrant Leadership in my company I had no idea what to expect. It only seemed logical to me that the better my people were, the stronger my company would become. Synergy is an incredibly powerful entity once all of the people contributing to the cause are on the same page and giving their very best. The key is to be persistent. If you allow the old micro manager style of leadership to reassert itself, you will never find enough time to create the kind of team necessary to dominate the marketplace. 

"Once We Are Prepared To Accept Our Limits, We Are Ready To Go Beyond Them"

- Albert Einstein