Don Darvill

Brand Identity Specialist

Change Agent For Leaders

When We Learn To Lead People And Manage Things, We Challenge Potential And Invite Synergy

Keynote Presentations, Leadership Workshops, Enriched Employee Development, And Personal Coaching For Bosses From Every Industry In Every Walk Of Life.

Better Boss Workshops 

Coming, November 2018


"Managers do things right. Leaders do the right things"

- Peter Drucker

Brand Reboot Camp 

Customer perception of your brand has very little to do with marketing campaigns. It is formed based on personal experience whether it be instore or online. The only way to grow your market share is to be decisively better at what you do, than your competitors on a consistent basis. The secret to brand loyalty is reliability. Knowing you can be counted on to deliver on the promises of your brand, is the most important attribute for most consumers.

Five Days, Forty Hours, Seventeen Interactive Workshops On How To Create Extraordinary Brand Identity Through Influential Leadership And Enriched Employee Development 

"A manager who must hold on to control and a well-run business that is fully under control, are seldom in the same location."

- Don Darvill

The Quadrant Leadership Employee Development Model

The More Your People Know, The More They Can Contribute

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The Biggest Room In The World Is The Room For Improvement