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Don's Resume

  • Two Decades In Senior Leadership Roles With One Of The Most Recognized And Iconic Companies In The World
  • Owner / Operator Of Three Very Successful McDonalds Restaurants With 175 Employees
  • Author Of The Entrepreneurs Apprentice Featuring Original Concepts, Principles, And Strategies For Optimizing Employee Potential And Building Extraordinary Brand Identity

Leaders who are able to employ the power of insight and influence, free themselves from the drone of contant direction that is the bane of every micro-manager. With patience and clarity of purpose, they extol the virtues of personal accountability and the role it plays in achieving genuine success.    

"Every employee is capable of contributing a great deal to our business. How we get that to happen has very little to do with the way we manage, and everything to do with how we lead."

- Don Darvill

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About Don Darvill

For thirty-three years Don was an integral part of the infamous Golden Arches. At sixteen Don joined McDonalds Restaurants during the company's very early days in Canada and rose to senior management positions during the most explosive growth period in the company's history. During his tenure as Director of Training and Employee Development for Western Canada Don was presented with the very prestigious 'Presidents Award' which recognizes the contributions of the top one percent of McDonald's employees in the world. Don is the author of The Entrepreneur's Apprentice, a personal memoir cum roadmap on the role targeted employee development and influential leadership can play in creating a results-driven Succession Plan for any business. His book introduces many unique and highly effective prinicples, strategies and tools including the Quadrant Leadership Model for enriched employee development.

Don is a passionate teacher who loves to use his workshops, coaching skills and keynote presentations to share his insights on how to create a highly successful Succession Planning model for any company simply by turning micro-managers into influential leaders and challenging the potential that exists in every employee. 



' Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end. ' 

-Robin Shamra



  • Myths about Succession Planning and three critical things that must be in place to sustain a highly successful long-term plan



  • Chronicles Of A BiPolar Boss. Don's personal story of triumph over adversity and the role his leadership style played in his enormous success.



  • Better Boss Workshops


  • Quadrant Leadership Employee Development Exercises



  • In-depth review of all current employee and management development strategies and practices currently in place in the company and specific written recommendations for building a highly successful, results-driven Succession Plan.

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One of my primary objectives in my Better Boss Workshops series is to clearly illustrate the difference between a really good manager and a great leader. When I wrote The Entrepreneurs Apprentice, I wanted to share first hand knowledge of what can happen when a highly competent manager is able to make the transistion from…

One of my favorite tasks was to write letters of reference for employees who were moving on. These letters were a testament to the success of Quadrant Leadership, and I never grew tired of writing them. I never understood bosses who got angry with good employees who gave fair notice informing them that they would…

‘The Unsung Hero of Our Economy‘   As the owner of a small business, you are beholden to many people. Your banker, who holds your demand loan. Your family and friends, who believed in you and invested in your success. Your landlord and the obligations of your lease. Your customers, who expect a great deal…

Many years ago, I met a man who would leave a lasting impression on my life. It has been nearly a decade since his passing, but his memory lives on. Brian Midgley was a gentleman, a humorist, and a compassionate human being. He left an extraordinary legacy on how to do things right. I first…

Better Boss Workshops 

Better Boss, Far Better Results


The Entrepreneurs Apprentice Is Available Through All Major Book Sellers

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I understand .”

― Benjamin Franklin

"A manager who must hold on to control and a well-run business that is fully under control, are seldom in the same location."

- Don Darvill

The Quadrant Leadership Employee Development Model

The More Your People Know, The More They Can Contribute

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